Training Videos: Cambridge University

On this project, our team worked on a series of internal training videos for Cambridge University, breaking down the elements that lead to a successful PhD research project. Working closely with both the university's PR department, the lecturers and the students themselves, the goal of these videos is to provide training and advice to students embarking on their first PhD project in order to free up staff time and encourage autonomy in the student body.   Why use training videos? Inundated by requests for the same information from both staff and customers? Need to free up some time so you can get back to running your business? [checklist icon="check," iconcolor="" circle="yes"] Internal training videos get staff up to speed without consuming the valuable time of senior staff members Reduce your customer support queues by directing them to online training videos on how to use your products or services Gain credibility and traffic to your site by generating useful and informative content for your target market [/checklist]   For more information on how we can provide you with eye catching video marketing from customer testimonials to promo videos, CONTACT US now or check out some of our similar projects below!

Video Marketing: Carr Design

Kinetic typography, creative graphic design and dynamic animation went into creating this promotional video for Carr Design. For this particular project, we were given free reign to identify the client's brand identity and come up with our own creative video that integrated seamlessly into their company's current look and feel. Able to provide every step from graphic design, scripting, animation and voice over recording services, we can take full control of your creative video or simply work to your storyboards and graphics, depending upon your preferences!   Why use video marketing? Want to find a new, engaging way to support customer retention, increase sales and generate more consumer interest? [checklist icon="check," iconcolor="" circle="yes"] Online video is proven to boosts sales by an average of 35% (source: Coremetrics)  or, that 65% of viewers will watch a video to the end, compared to less than 5% who finish reading an online sales page? (source: Google). Attract more visitors to your site  and increase your sales by creating engaging video content. [/checklist] *source: & MDG Advertising   For more information on how we can provide you with eye catching video marketing from customer testimonials to promo videos, CONTACT US now!

Video Testimonials: Netcall


Video testimonials are a powerful tool to have in order to aid market trust and increase brand awareness. WebDAM, a leading digital asset management platform for marketeers, put together statistics from industry experts that revealed the customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating  for all types of content marketing at 89%. Coupled with the fact that the same report finds that landing pages including videos see an 86% increase in conversions, make video testimonials an effective investment when it comes to generating more leads. Here is an example of a video testimonial recorded on behalf of Netcall for their client, University Hospital of North Staffordshire. The aim of the video testimonial was to share with future Netcall customers, the success story of this particular client.  The video testimonial, presented personally by a representative of  Netcall's client, reveals the tremendous return on investment Netcall's service provided the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.