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Project Description

We all know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so why tell your prospective customers how great your product or service is, when your current clients can do it for you? With 70% of purchasers searching for customer reviews before committing to a spend, customer video testimonials are THE best way to increase your conversion rates and see a rise in customer take up of your products and services. Inspire confidence in your brand and increase sales through compelling video testimonials whilst also increasing your online web prescence by engaging with clients through video hosting sites such as You Tube.

Why Use Video Testimonials?

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  • 70% of customers search for reviews before committing to a spend
  • 50% of customers trust word of mouth testimonials over any other form of advertising
  • Increase sales and brand trust through customer video testimonials
  • Improve your web presence by engaging with clients through YouTube
  • Videos tailored to match the tone, look and feel of your brand


Project Details