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Project Description

Kinetic typography, creative graphic design and dynamic animation went into creating this promotional video for Carr Design.

For this particular project, we were given free reign to identify the client’s brand identity and come up with our own creative video that integrated seamlessly into their company’s current look and feel.

Able to provide every step from graphic design, scripting, animation and voice over recording services, we can take full control of your creative video or simply work to your storyboards and graphics, depending upon your preferences!


Why use video marketing?

Want to find a new, engaging way to support customer retention, increase sales and generate more consumer interest?

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  • Online video is proven to boosts sales by an average of 35% (source: Coremetrics)  or, that
  • 65% of viewers will watch a video to the end, compared to less than 5% who finish reading an online sales page? (source: Google).
  • Attract more visitors to your site  and increase your sales by creating engaging video content.


*source: & MDG Advertising


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Project Details

Skills Needed: