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Project Description

Restaurant Photography of Buonissimo Italian Restaurant, Birmingham

We love food, particularly Italian food, and so our mouths were watering when we were asked to provide photography of the ambience and food at Buonissimo. Though many restaurants and bars like to show off their sleek interior design and styling choices through images without people, the team at Buonissimo wanted to focus on the ambience of the place when it is in full swing as well as their signature dishes. So as not to disturb paying patrons, the restaurant owner arranged for friends and family to fill out the venue one lunch time whilst we snapped away. Alongside candid images of the guests enjoying themselves and the serving staff doing what they do best, we also photographed their signature dishes as they came out of the kitchen. Above is a small sample of the images we captured during the time we were there.

Smmary: Why Restaurant Photography

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  • Show off your stylish settings
  • Show prospective customers the ambience that awaits them
  • Entice customers with mouth watering images of your signature dishes
  • Showcase new refurbishments


Project Details