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Project Description

Perpetual Wellbeing PR Photography

Perpetual Wellbeing is a brand new gym facility and personal training service that has been built from the ground up by it’s founder, Petra Boddington. With the building finally fully equipped and with the branding in place, Petra required a PR photographer to take images to showcase the space and equipment available, as well as some supporting portraits that she could supply to her PR agency for release into local papers, magazines and social media platforms.

In the space of two hours of photography with a 48 hour turnaround on final delivery of work, we were able to cover a vast range of requirements to provide the client with over 150 images to use across the company’s various marketing strategies. Above are just a few examples.


Why PR Photography?

Are you putting out a press release? Need relevant images for your latest blog entry or social media campagin? Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a bit of PR then it’s vital to have good supporting imagery. Why? Here’s why:

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  • Articles with images get 94% more total views
  • Including a Photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results
  • In an ecommerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product
  • In an online store, customers think that the quality of a products image is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%)
  • Engagement rate on Facebook for photos averages 0.37% where text only is 0.27% (this translates to a 37% higher level of engagement for photos over text)


*source: & MDG Advertising


For more information on how we can provide you with eye catching PR photography to go alongside your next press release, blog entry or magazine cover, CONTACT US now!

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