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Project Description

ITG Christmas Office Party at Revolution Bar, Birmingham

Getting that work/life balance right is so important, and as key as big conferences, product launches and networking nights can be to your business, it’s also important to keep staff motivated and morale high. Socials and team building events are a great way of doing this, particularly after often stressful periods such as Christmas where you really need your staff to perform. So why have these events photographed?

Investing in social and team building events have already proven to increase morale which in turn positively effects motivation, engagement and performance within your company. By having the events photographed, your team will get to revisit a day they found to be great fun, several days after the initial excitement may have worn off. Not only do the photos give them something to come together over, but giving them the option of sharing the photos on their Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, allows your brand to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people if the images come watermarked with your logo in a corner, something which we are more than happy to provide.

Above are some examples of some of the 500+ images provided for the 2014 ITG Christmas office party at Revolution Bar in Birmingham. The clients (both ITG and Revolution Bar) requested a range of images including atmospheric shots of the venue, it’s food and decor, candid photos of the team having fun as well as group portraits. These were to be provided within 24 hours and include the respective company’s logo in order to increase it’s social media presence whenever staff members uploaded the photos.

Smmary: Why Social Event Photography

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  • Boost team morale by reminding them of the great time they had
  • Greatly increase your social media presence by having your logo on the images and letting staff upload photos of themselves to Facebook and Twitter
  • Personalised imagery for your website, newsletter and blogs in favour of purchasing generalised stock photography
  • Share the cost of the photography with the event venue by offering them a copy


Project Details