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The Gadget Show Live 2014

So we recently found ourselves shooting event photography at Birmingham NEC and capturing all the latest tech action at the Gadget Show Live 2014. Since the world of gadgetry is a of a particular interest to us, we thought we’d share some highlights of the day and introduce you to some of the neat new products and companies that are out there!





There were lots of great innovative stands from 3D printers by RobotSavvy to the most amazing costume designs by Digilegs. Digilegs were a particular favourite of ours and are an arm of Area 51 : a team of performers and the creative crew behind their staging, creature design and workshop creations. If you’re looking at putting on a show, get these guys on board!







Another stand that caught our attention were MiPow from whom we ended up buying a light bulb. Not just any light bulb though, oh no. This is a Play Bulb and comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a speaker and a free app that enables you to not only remotely turn your light on and off (great if it’s a point of contention when you’re snuggled up in bed with your other half), but also lets you dim it, play music and set an alarm that not only starts playing tunes but also starts brightening up the room until you have no other choice but to get your ass out of bed.




Being in the image making trade, we have some amazing kit, but it’s not always practical to be carrying around 3kg of camera when you just want to take some casual snaps. That’s why OlloClip caught our eye! OlloClip is a great little invention for people who want to make the most out of their camera phone by attaching a series of adaptive lenses ranging from macro, to fish eye or even telephoto. Unfortunately they currently only manufacture lenses for Apple’s range of phones so our team of Samsung users are going to have to wait!





Our second purchase of the day came for Sumvision. After being given a demo of a nifty little portable speaker called Pyro  that connects to your playlist via Bluetooth, we were blown away by the audio quality, battery life and build quality. Then we were blown away by the price and snagged ourselves a £15 bargain!







Now we may like our geeky gadgets, but we also like the outdoors and alternative sports which is why we were super happy to see slack lining being showcased during the live show by Maverick. For those of you who have never heard of slacklining before, I could either tell you it’s a cross between tight rope walking and trampolining, or, I could get you to check out this cool video:






Though there were lots of great gadgets and bits of fun across this HUGE expo, these were just some of our favourites that we thought we’d share. If you haven’t been to the Gadget Show Live yet then make sure you book tickets for next year’s event, and be sure to check out the live show in the Super Theatre!





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